Produced podcasts

The Dan Show on Slice Radio

Interviews with entertainers, interesting people and community champions. Also, the sans-music version containing the talking bits from The Dan Show On Slice Radio.

The Shift

Through conversations with authentic people who’ve overcome some bullshit, The Shift Podcast explores what it means to live an inspired and fulfilling life. Hosted by Denise Mills, new episodes each fortnight.

HERstory Podcast for Slice Radio is a focus on identity statements in music. It’s a dive into the cultural role of female, LBGTIQ+, First Nations and those living with disability.

Whole Human podcast

Whole Human

Casual conversations on mindset, mental health and being your best human, with Jamie Stedman.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit Podcast

DJ Charlie Fatt explores the best of alternative 90s music, different genres and those who led the way from the late 80s to those who rang in the 2000s.

Featured podcasts

Planet Maynard podcast

Planet Maynard


Maynard from Australia. Take a journey through pop culture with no clear purpose or destination. The home of Bunga Bunga and all Planet Maynard shows. Always shameless.

The Space Cave

Space Cave


Comedian David Huntsberger chats with scientists and artists about life and their interests while having a beer with them.

These Are Those Tapes

These Are Those Tapes

A found box of cassette tapes. Not organised or dated in any way. These are those tapes. With David Huntsberger and Wendy Molyneux.

Two Dimension Podcast

Two Dimension


The comic book podcast with no direction.

My Comic Book Podcast

My Comic Shop Book Club

Host Anthony Desiato leads in-depth conversations about a curated list of comic book works, including classics, modern hits, and hidden gems.

Brain Bubblegum Podcast

Brain Bubblegum

Brain Bubblegum! Sweet, sticky, pointless fun! Get your bubblegum fix with Scott, Simone and Craig – your purveyors of sweet, sticky and pointless facts.

Erotica: A concept that wouldn’t survive today

Erotica: A concept that wouldn’t survive today

“The tour in no way hurts anybody’s sentiments. It’s for open minds and gets them to see sexuality in a different way. Their own and others […] Like theater, [Blond Ambition] asks questions, provokes thought and takes you on an emotional journey, portraying good and bad, light and dark, joy and sorrow, redemption and salvation,” Madonna said at the Rome international airport.

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GMaq: Camp Cope frontwoman on solo songwriting

GMaq: Camp Cope frontwoman on solo songwriting

It’s really hard to put together an elevator pitch to sum up Naarm/Melbourne musician Georgia McDonald aka Georgia Maq aka GMaq aka Goldsoundz.

There are many bandied about. A few words I choose to describe her are bold, gutsy and unapologetic; all synonyms for DIY punk goddess.

She talked with Ash on HERstory Podcast listen here, and to the last time they caught up.

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